Tips to Apply When You Need to Train a Rescue Dog

05 Feb

You can find it quite rewarding to adopt an abandoned dog.   However, you may face a challenge raising such a dog because the psychological issues that it has can make it shy and difficult to interact with as you raise it.   Training a rescue dog can help you to overcome the challenges of interacting with it and help you to overcome its psychological problems.   Find out some of the things you can do for training a shy rescue dog below.

 You can get a confident and well-trained dog to help you train the shy one.  The timid dog will want to behave like the other dog.

 Another thing that you can do is sit down on the ground near the rescue dog.  This can be of help if the dog seems to be afraid of you since this will make you seem less threatening to it.   You should only apply this tip if you know that the dog will not become aggressive.  Learn more here!

 Be sure to avoid violence, but instead use words as you train your dog.   If the shy dog is misbehaving, punishing choosing words instead of using force.  You can use sharp and firm words like ‘no’ and ‘stop’ to get it to stop doing something wrong.  Also, keep reinforcing the dog’s good behavior by praising it when it does what it is supposed to do.

 When your dog displays good behavior, it is good to let you know that it is doing the right thing.   You can have a treat on hand as a way to show it that it is doing what is right.   Make sure that you get healthy treats for your dog, and especially those that contain meat. You might want to check this website at for more info about dogs.

 It is necessary to try and gain the dog’s trust.   A dog that does not trust you is unlikely to obey you.   As with all relationships, it may take time to build trust, and you should be patient with it.   Get the dog to believe that nothing bad is going to happen, especially if there is a frightening occurrence.

 You should give the dog some time before you try to get it to put on the leash.   Introduce it gently and slowly and avoid making eye contact when you are putting it on the dog.   Get it a leash that it is comfortable walking around with it on, and you can reward it with a treat when it cooperates. Know about training a rescue dog here!             

You should ensure that your dog does not bite anyone.   You should let it know that biting is unacceptable even if it bites at your hands or clothes.

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